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az1920005 said
hello iam from uganda and my aim of joining germanfriendfinder was to look for prpals from morover the world its now four weeks since i registered and believe me or not ihave plently of them from diferent parts of the world i have from german, uganda, uk, thailand , kenya, morroco, and other parts of the world many many icant menthon all .believe me we chat everryday exchange photos all some are planning to come vist me !wonderful germanfriendfinder never turn go go gogo go go go go ahead germanfriendfinder, am so so so so so so happy thank you so much;
spenserlove said
In life, you must fail in order to become the best. you have to great challenges so that you can have enough experiences in life. my name is Caroline from Ghana. i am 21 years of age, single. when i a little child, i always dream of becoming a secretary and a famous writer in future. i worked towards it and now i am a secretary in a reputable company working very hard to become a professional secretary. And am also willing to learn foreign languages e.g. French, Spanish and others. I am also working towards my second ambition; that is writing. I really love writing poems and stories about romance without looking into a book or being a copyright. everything from my mind. now it is left with finance; capital to publish my book. As a matter of fact my ex-boyfriend is also a writer so we put our ideas together to do something big.
Tangram said
Since i subscribed to this site, i have really been inspired to write articles, though i am a scientist. Also the question and response section has helped me a lot. I received good responses to my questions and also responses to other questions which people are still asking today
ses1330 said
i join the app to maker porn i want me a swinger
burhaniya said
I am from Kenya and my main aim of joining German frienfinder was to look for prnpals from allover the world. It is now four months or so ever since I registered and believe me or not I have plenty of them from diffrent parts of the world. I have five from German, one from Thailand another from Ghana, one from Switzerland, another from United States, Lebanon, several from Kenya, and many many others which I cannot mention. Believe me we chat everyday, exchange photos an some are even planning to visit me! wonderful! my goal is achieved at last! Go! Go! Go! German friendfiner - Never turn back!
bodybody said
well am new and i have not yet meet any person.
freebynature said
She was an agriculture student in Heidelberg university. She visited Bangalore (India ) to participate in a seminar relating to 3rd world countries. I met her in National Zoo in New Delhi (India ). That was the best time of my life. I enjoyed every movement with her. Although we never had physical relationship but her closeness always created an environment which was so pleasant, so wonderful that I can’t describe in words. We visited several other places including Taj Mahal and Lotus Temple. We used to sit down in the park or in the temple garden and talk for hours. We were in love. Then she went back home. For last ten years she had been my inspiration. I’m in London at present and will be staying here for another two years. I desperately want to meet her. But what I have of her besides memories is her student identity card which she presented me 10 years before. Can anyone help me?
TapsiTurtle said
Last year i met a girl here from china in gff. After i visit her we wanted to get marry. And now on 03, 05, 2003 our dream comes true.It was not easy all the time but now we have a happy end.Thank you.
Martin TapsiTurtle
annaz51 said
Stasya and Randy
Stasya's version. That fall i have been studying on Marketing course in OpenUniversity of London and was spending nights looking for some researches online, clicking on links, click after click, and finally i have opened a dating site instead of a business portal.
Had a quick look and decided why not, i was single and quite curious, actually never thought about marrying somebody from another country.

Okay, good luck, i placed my ad and started to get letters from different guys from different countries. America was not in my list - too far!
i have been on the site for a few weeks already and right onNew Year's Eve i recieved a message from one american gentlemen. I still have no idea why i answered that message, i was already pretty bored with writing long letters every day, but i did anyway, probably God loves me, his beloved child. The guy has replied to me with a long letter back, we started to correspond, every day, long letters full of information, sharing desires, hopes, talking about everything, jobs, careers, politics, vacations ... we have found out that we had similar interests, similar values, similar attitude towards general things, i can not say exactly when it happened, but i guess, 2 weeks were enough for us to realize that we were falling madly in love with each other.
We have never met, but we felt that.
He came to visit me in about 2 months after the moment i receivedthe first letter. I had a wierd feeling while waiting for him in the airport- i was waiting for my husnand getting back home after long business trip. We decided to get married in a couple of days, even better to say - we did not decide, we just knew we would get married. He left back to states, long night online, talking, long days alone, waiting. Me, always down-to-earth, quite cold and realistic, first thinking then acting, and i was madly madly in love with somebody i knew for couple of months only. My life was empty and not real without him.
We got married and you know what? i am unbelievably happy, i am the most happiest woman in the whole Universe. In a few months my friends stopped to ask me if i was happy, cause the constant answer was - a big silly smile, i was and i am always happy.
I adore, worship and cherish my husband. He is my heart and soul, he is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Randy's version
I have been online for a couple of years, looking for theright person to spend the rest of my life with. Well, i experienced everything - have met scam artists,have come to visit one girl in Ukraine and after the visit she never wrote me back. Anyway, i had fun and met a lot of nice and not really nice new people, but could not find that the only one i would love to marry and to be with all my life. I have been on that site for half a year and did not expect to see new faces, when finally have noticed a dark haired 28 y.o. lady form Ukraine that recently joined the dating community. She answered me with a good long letter! I loved that!
I still have our letters on my computer, it was real fun, i am not a great writer, but with my wife, sorry, that time with my girl friend we were talking online hours and hours. Actually, i was a good listener :) (oh, i am expecting troubles after finishing my part) According to all dating advices, one should not fall in love fast, but we were both lucky, we have found our other halves.
When we decided to get married, some people were telling me that i was crazy to marry a girl from Ukraine, who was probably looking for only one thing - to move to the states. Not my wife! She loves me, not my american passport, not my bank account. I never had doubts, even when she tells me that it is true - she has married me because of my bank account and american passport and the reason why i married her that i received a free private secratary, perfect private cook, excellent private driver and masseusse! Sometimes, when we had problems with immigration visa, she was yelling at me, saying that she wanted me to be ruusian, not an american. It is not the first time and sure not the last when she was yelling at me :) but even the best of us have dismerits, i can live with it :) (i guess, i am in trouble again) She is the only one who really cares about me, who loves me more then life itself.
I have found a person i have been waiting for all 38 years, and i love her more then anybody or anything in the entire world.

And now we have our own dating web sites, be patient, be lucky and you will find you dream date, best friend, passionate lover and caring loving wife. We know what we are talking about, cause we have found each other and we are so happy!
Stasya and Randy Briggs.

loveblack said

Hallo all of you who are reading this. I am an african woman and very gratefull that Love exists everywhere no matter where you come from. I am very happy and lucky to have discovered the GFF. I just gave my annonce just afew days ago and I have got replies than I even expected. I hope that one of this guys will be my EVERLASTING LOVE. I find it very interesting and also exciting. Keep it up GFF!!!!...........
horserichard said
Hello Everyone,
Here is my story: When I first went to germanfriendfinder, I did not expect to find anyone that would move me so much. But I did. I saw a picture of Nicole ("Nikki21") and it was love at first site. The only problem was that she no longer used the website and I did not have anyway to reach her. But, I still have hope that one day she will revisit the site and she will contact me. So for all of you people searching for that special someone, don't give up. You will eventually find them.

William ("horserichard") American Guy In Search Of Nikki21
P.S. I can reach reached at
br_27 said
I was looking for a way to practise my German, so I signed up for GFF. After a while, I received an email from another member of GFF. We soon became friends. I was not looking for a boyfriend. I just wanted a friend, yet I found myself thinking of my penpal, very frequently. I didnt want to fall in love...but I did. I wondered what kind of love this was? I hadnt even met this guy, and I was madly in love with him! It was an impossible situtaion. Afterall we lived 7000 miles apart. But when cupid strikes, destiny finds a will and a way to make things happen. Last August he came to meet me, and I fell in love with him all over again. I never believed in love in first, until it happened to me. I found the love of my life, my soulmate, through GFF. Thank you German Friend Finder! I guess it was GFF and God that made us come together. I dont know what the future holds for us, but I know that I will be happy, as long as I am with him. I call him My Maddie.
barri said
Hi i am maltese any my name is dion. I am 27 years of age. It is a real interesting website because u can meet who ever you want. I travel a lot especially ib berlin and holland because im a dj. One day i told a friend of mine about this site and after a few months she went out with a guy that she found on this site. Now they are married and have a kid and i would like to thank u in behalf of her to give her this opportunity.
Thks Dion Nick name Barri
Olgastar29 said
i very nice place to visit. I hope to find a good husband here! This place I like better than most I've seen. I'll come back. Best wishes from Ukraine.
DizzyDezzyLoo said
While visiting Germany during my college years, I met a wonderful guy who was perfect in every way except for the fact that he lived in Germany and I lived in America. Over the years I never forgot the few days we spent together. While surfing one day, I came across your site and joined in hope of finding him. After about 3 months of searching, I was almost ready to give up. Finally, I opened up my email and there he was. He was looking for me too! Now that we're back in touch, we've realized that we belong together. I think it's love! If it wasn't for German Friend Finder, we would never have been reunited. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
0218882008 said
Hi, All of you i am from South Africa and i realy enjoy visiting your site it is very interesting and i visit every day keep your site so exiting.
felixCS said