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chishty, 35 M

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no business
friendship is more important than material gains.friends should be sincere with each other.Friends should not indulge in other's affairs unleess that person wish to have it. friendship is not a business but a sacrifice! there is no room for selfish friends and so for dating persons.Such people just date for fun or kill time.
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kayakpadlr, 62 F

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Make a list
Relationships often don't work because the individuals don't have a clear idea of what they want. What is acceptable and what isn't. I met the man I was looking for, he met the requirements of my list and yes, I met the requirements of his. We were both very happy until he died two years ago. It was a wonderful experience, because we both knew what we were looking for.
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Stevezilla, 47 M

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Hi just think your going on a date with a foxy babe or for you ladies the man of your dreams, so quiz your self before you meet that person, ask them while you email each other everyday, what is your favorite color, what are your favorite foods, music, hobbies, and do you date minorites or when you go on dates do always bring your friends ( not good for you because this your date with you ...
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tituss63101, 43 F

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relationships can be very difficult and sumtimes impossible.I was married for eight years thinking that i will one day fall in lov with this man , it never happened instead we got a divorce mutually but even so we never stopped caring about each other as real friends but lov was still not there .However i met sumone else and fell in love with him but discovered that he didnt care about me ...
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nyrayx, 52 M

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Safety Quiz
Q.: You have a new lover, tons of passionate energy, and an explicit joint committment to use condoms. Does this mean that you and your brand new mate can simply go forth, fearing nothing and feeling fully protected as you partake in the feast of sex that lays before you ? <br> A.: Sorry to shatter your primal fantasy, but no ! No, if you really believe in safety in sex. An ...
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hamid1973, 41 M

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hi i am looking for you
hello i am HAMID from morocco 27 male 190 cm 90 kg spotif dont knowa word of german you may ask how i get here really i dont know my self i like any thing that get me to know poeple my e mail is i live in TAROUDANTvery old city far from AGADIR 70 km ok may be that is not what is this for but excuse me really when i go to agadir beach and see the german ...
0    46    137    0.00    27/5/2001