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sexytrisyia, 26 F

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Looking for fun with man
My name is Sexy Trisyia 24yrs old from Malaysia and I am looking for nice guys in any country. If you have good personality and are between 20-40yrs please register for free at coz I am so lonely and need some fun with confident guy.
0    4    1    2.40    10/12/2011   

coby77, 72 F

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The bottom line here is to ....................
Building a relationship today can be very scary.. Alot of uys like the younger ladies alot of ladies like the younger guys What do you like? I know today is a totally different century when it comes to relationships but with many as well as myself I still prefer the old style which could be brought into the new genenration syndrome if everyone wanted to apply this way......... It really boils ...
3    11    3    3.92    7/6/2011   

nnenne, 32 F

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to build a good relationship
every man knows what he or she want in a relationship.
1    13    2    5.20    21/9/2008   

Aus_Singapur, 33 M

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long distance relationships.
Have there been cases whereby long distance relationships work? Why are they so difficult? When both parties claim they love each other, then shouldn't all kinds of obstacle be surmounted?
I am an Asian but have never seen myself with an Asian girl. Yes, I admit I had quite a number as girlfriends but novelty has worn off. I have always preferred ...
2    134    9    1.50    17/8/2006   

gbaluegbalue, 39 M

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i want to get dina2005
i am david g. johnson i am also interested in dina who has been viewing me.i want a serious date with her. from, david g. johnson
0    224    3    1.47    8/7/2006   

love2smile, 39 F

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How do you know if he is being completely honest?
Even if you just started dating or if you have been dating for months. How can you do the long distance love and have the faith that he is honest about what is going on and if he is or isn't dating someone else?...
6    236    31    1.90    24/6/2006   

playmate1010, 45 M

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dose she love me dose she not?
You know I'm 37 years old and I got to say I'm just as confused as I was at 19 years old I was in a 10 year relationship I was really in love one day thin the next it all changed and now I'm no longer with this girl and now I find my self here at why was I thinking that I was going to be with this girl for the rest of my life whin thing's can change so fast. now I go out ...
1    82    12    1.92    16/12/2005   

snoopy_1975, 38 F

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Love never will...
It's ironic to assume life's a never ending happiness...when in fact it is not. Life's a little funny and a little amusing as well. You could never know who you are about to meet in this lifetime... You could always hoped, somebody good comes along.Somebody nice and somebody yours. In your part, you do what you believe is simply right hopeful that you're relationship is gonna be ...
2    120    16    2.98    3/10/2005   

Stevezilla, 47 M

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Game Plan
Hi my steven, and my advice on relationship is when you meet someone and you want a relationship with her or him, you must come up with a game plan, a stradegy that will help you keep that relationship going, ask your self questions, does she he have the same hobbies, likes, what their daily habits, what do really want in a relationship with you, what they don't like, what are there ...
0    69    6    2.51    25/9/2005   

heidi304, 56 F

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Are You a \bsexo?\b Goddess?
15 Ways to Know for Sure
So maybe you've never had any complaints, but... how can you really tell if you rate high on the \bsexo?\b-skills scale ‑- or if you still have some tricks to learn? Well, there are some essential signs that back up your bedroom abilities ‑- and they're not as obvious as you might think.

1. You've Got the Right Attitude
In ...
7    279    45    3.96    1/9/2005   

heidi304, 56 F

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10 Signs He's/She`s in Love
You've dated your fair share of women/men and have always enjoyed keeping your options open, but lately there's this one woman/men that has you wondering if he`s/she's "the one." In order to help you figure this out, I have compiled the following list of the top 10 ways to know you're in love. 10. You've forgotten your ex More often than not, a breakup is followed by ...
5    171    25    3.57    1/9/2005   

ariva, 44 F

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Strong Hold
Sometimes it's a little hard to build a relationship with people who are not so smart, but then a person who is flexible can always make ways to build a relationship with people who are different. Knowing how to deal with them will help you deal and make friends with these people. I remember when I was in college, a schoolmate was so naive was so silent, nobody wants to talk with her ...
1    59    8    4.17    22/8/2005   

sch111, 59 F

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Good relationship
Good relationship - it not game you play , it previous work on you and try to find a way for understand person near you - it how I feel about true relationship.
4    200    28    3.24    5/12/2004   

sch111, 59 F

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We have a lot of snow now. When snow fall it so nice feel in warm home and see on snow from window. Would be nice to have devoited person naer you this time....
0    123    19    3.26    5/12/2004   

onlylonely44, 70 M

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To keep a woman
Cherish her. do'nt spoil her just with gifts. make them matter. just hug her once a day.
2    189    24    3.24    27/9/2004   

bigtruckerwilly, 41 M

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What are the requirements?
It is only my opinion but I was looking for feedback.Aren't Honesty and Loyalty the two things that a relationship are soley built upon.All other things can be added up after these are met, is what I believe but so many people have their own criteria, and more often than not these are not alwasys together!What do you think?
5    121    44    3.60    28/7/2004   

kylishamcc, 31 F

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what is love? is it BLIND?
we often hear everyone say that:LOVE is BLIND....this often makes me wonder whether thats true or not...i personally feel and totally agree with the person who once said 'that LOVE is not BLIND...IT SEES MORE and because it sees MORE it is willing to see LESS' when we love people, we know they are not perfect but we love them anyways...we overlook there shortcomings and weaknesses. ...
5    207    64    5.47    26/6/2004   


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Communication an respect
One of the most powerful key's in a relationship is communication.To give a woman the respect she need's by asking her opinion is a healthy practice in today's relationship's.I believe that sometimes a woman just need's to vent-she may know the answer to her problem but just need's to be heard. If more men simply ask her opinion instead of only giving advice the length of the relationship ...
0    74    62    7.55    25/1/2004   

Marysha, 29 F

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liebe ohne respekt? gibt es eine chance?
ich hatte jetzt eine echt lange beziehung hinter mir. am anfang ist es immer die selbe geschichte er schleimt ich verliebe mich, er macht fehler ich verzeihe, er lügt ich glaube tja und so ist es dann dazu geworden was es war. horror. er hatte einfach kein respekt mehr er wusste er könnte alles machen und ich würde mitspielen aus angst ihn zu verlieren. er hat gelogen, betrogen , ...
3    75    71    4.91    28/4/2003   

diamonqdx, 49 M

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how much love can a woman get to please her ?aside sex
how much do you love a guy to tell her what you have in between <br> ?
0    125    74    4.22    12/1/2003