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sweetiepie, 56 F

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I fall in love to guy of which .....
I rememebered last summer of which I met a danish man on a way home from office. It was a coinsedence coz my car burst out one tire of it. Then suddenly car behind me stop and he offered help of which I was surprise. Then to make a story short we always meeting each other until such a time feelings developed and turned that I fall in love . I can not resist him in my mind until things ...
14    258    45    1.92    21/9/2010   

itry2bnice, 29 M

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People only hurt you if you let them
My ex-girlfriend of four years was living with me up untill recently up untill recently, because i'd like to think that we were really good friends. But then she started seeing one of my close friends and has since moved to another state. At first I was shattered, I had the stupid idea that maybe we could work things out and get back together, but then I thought 'f@#k it'. Every one ...
2    197    27    2.61    28/10/2006   

MnRay, 54 M

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Is There a Quick Way to Learn To Speak German
Iam an American who is coming to Germany in August on vacation and I don't know a whole lot of german. I have 2 months to get ready. Want to be able to speak enough of it to ask about things without needing an electronic translator.On this site in hopes of meeting someone to show me around and such.
3    193    11    1.86    19/6/2008   

chibuzor, 34 M

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Breaking up in any relationship/marriage is not the end but infact the beginning of the relationship/marriage.I believe that nothing GOOD comes easy, we have to work extra mile to earn it.A relationship/marriage without misunderstanding, quarrel, Row or even a fight might not make real meaning for the partners. For a relationship/marriage to be Rock solid, there must be a shake up ...
2    149    5    2.82    27/11/2006   

orientalbeauty72, 41 F

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Sentimental Journey
Saying goodbye is the hardest part of the relationship, it is never easy to say goodbye to the things that you are used to but i believe that time heals.. wound mends. Journeying alone is good step to know yourself more.
1    145    25    5.23    25/11/2006   

fibel4love, 31 F

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Betraying of love
hi i want to tell everyone of u never to betrayed each other coz love is an emotion feelings which is not supposed to betray . thanks.
4    141    18    3.40    3/2/2007   

chibuzor, 34 M

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Men Vs Women
(1) A successful man is one who makes more money that his wife can spend and a successful woman is one who can find such a man.
(2) Men wake up as good looking as he went to bed but women some how deteriorate during the night.
(3) A man pays $2 for a $1 item he wants but a woman pays $1 for a $2 item that she does not want.
(4) Woman marries a man expecting ...
6    140    14    2.34    14/7/2011   

salamsalam, 44 F

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come on boys , send me , , , , ,
4    133    19    2.33    6/12/2006   

refuse, 50 M

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Be very carful for what you wish for
I have a tragic story of huge proportions Whilst lecturing English at China’s National University of Defence Technology. (Teaching all the future leaders of China) My Students were all above the rank on Cornel with multiple post graduate degrees) I was manipulated in to marrying a woman who I had only known for a few weeks. She had been sent by her employer to recruit a ...
2    124    51    6.26    20/3/2005   

MazeLewis, 40 M

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Forbidden love
I don't Don't care it it's not right To have your arms around me <br> I want To feel what it's like Take all of you inside of me <br> In your eyes Forbidden love In your smile Forbidden love In your kiss Forbidden love If i had one wish love would feel like this <br> I know THat you're no good for me That's why i feel i ...
2    124    23    2.66    3/2/2005   

sch111, 59 F

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My divorse was 20 years ago, I fel stressfull several years after, but now I feel ready to new relationship.
2    117    25    2.47    15/9/2006   

simpleme2k582, 31 F

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To Love Once Again
To Love is to Wait, wait for the right time, wait for the right person, the person who is worthy for your Love.. <br> <br> To Love is to Try, try even if you dont know anything about the rules of love, try to learn from the heart and youll know everything.. <br> <br> To Love is to be Happy, happiness that cant be measured, it can only be felt ...
10    116    20    3.00    9/7/2012   

Arran, 38 M

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why are you running away
Ooooo babe, Don’t leave me now. Don’t say it’s the end of the road. Remember the flowers I sent. I need you, babe, To put through the shredder in front of my friends. Oh babe, Don’t leave me now. How could you go? When you know how I need you, To beat to a pulp on a saturday night. Oh babe, Don’t leave me now. How can you treat me this ...
0    97    12    2.09    3/10/2006   

chibuzor, 34 M

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When is it right to check out in a relationship/Marriage?
CHECK OUT TIME Whenever the environment or conditions is unfavourable, one have to checkout.So checking out means calling it quit.So checking out in relationship/Marriage means alot, because it took time to build.
How does one know or dictate checking out time? Checking out time is easy to dictate, but most ladies do pretend not to know that. Things that can be noticed b/4 ...
2    94    5    3.14    27/11/2006   

RaverBoy, 37 M

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Saying goodbye.
I loved my wife, we were married for four years and have 2 children together. While I was in a school to try to improve our life together, she decided that she was missing out on her life and started partying. She slept with about 3 people in a 2 week period, and she is currently dating someone. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. We have both agreed to get a divorce, deciding ...
1    93    117    6.71    31/3/2005   

Waiting, 45 F

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The Secret of Happiness
There is a wonderful fable about a young orphan girl who had no family and no one to love her. One day, feeling exceptinally sad and lonely, she was walking through a meadow when she noticed a small butterfly caught unmercifully in a thornbush. The more the butterfly struggled to free itself, the deeper the thorns cut into its fragile body. The young orphan girl carefully released the ...
1    77    16    3.13    19/9/2005   

ftlmistke, 36 M

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It is so depressing breaking up, but reading a majority of the articles here have been a great help. Getting feedback from so many has been so useful. Now I know I am not the only one in the world who is going through this, and I know I won't be the last, but has there ever been a moment when you would ask yourself why can't love be easy? Now can anybody answer this question because I ...
1    72    15    4.05    28/9/2005   

miki63, 51 M

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Men are seldom pleased with their lot, what is to be done?
1    68    7    1.26    16/5/2007   

Waiting, 45 F

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Keys? Kiss?
A friend of mine was giving an English lesson to a class of adults who had recently come to live in the United States. After placing quite a number of everyday objects on a table, he asded various members of the class to give him the ruler, the bood, the pen and so on. The class went very smoothly and the students seemed interested and serious about the work that they were engaged in until ...
2    64    10    2.39    11/6/2006   

periveric, 53 M

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Abaut 80% of the man has no Moral it to easy for a'Women to find somebudy but the man dont thing
1    56    1    2.40    8/3/2007   

periveric, 53 M

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Break up
in most cases she tray new things, she thing may somebudy is Better, then he is, somebudy has mohre time, wen you on your Job, he dont care ob she is Married or not, she dont thing
1    54    1    2.40    26/2/2007   

chibuzor, 34 M

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FRIENDSHIP A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He said.....No. She asked him if he would want to be with her forever....and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a No. She had heard enough.As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said...... You 're not pretty, You 're ...
2    25    4    4.41    14/7/2011   

Afroman121, 44 M

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Break up to make up....New life.
A man learns nothing from winning, the act of losing however can elicit great wisdom.So after a break up move forward to get what you really want, you will get it if is made for you by GOD.
1    15    3    3.43    16/6/2011