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leansexmachine, 35 M

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How to impress your partner without blowing your wallet!
A friend of mine came to me with a desperate urge to impress his girfriend. So far he spent $800 dollars worth of presents in less than a week. His girlfriend was going to leave him because he was kind of using the same routine everytime he visited her or went out on a date. Now if you have the same problem here is what you do: 1. Write poetry: even if it sounds simple or is too short ...
2    55    55    8.11    20/9/2007   

kylishamcc, 31 F

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no one can actually hurt us accept we ourselves
some one once said: all the water in the world no matter how hard it tried could never sink the smallest ship unless it got inside and all the evil in this world the blackes kind of sin can never hurt u the least bit unless u take it in!!! so rise above ur trials....rise above ll things and be triumphant... all the best to all of u..... i wish u guys ( all ...
2    163    34    6.92    20/9/2007   

burhaniya, 43 F

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friendfinders's cupid matches
I just don't understand. I mean I get a cupid message alerting me of my matches and if I accept them or not. Surprisingly I can't view their profiles to know what kind of person I am dealing with and where from? Amazing! Should I accept them or not. My problem is I am so principled and I have to view what kind of characters I am engaging myself with.
8    141    25    6.01    20/9/2007   


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Looking for an interpreter to help me on my upcoming trip to Bremen
I am an American of German descent looking to visit some relatives in Hintzendorf, Germany near Bremen in mid April. The problem is I only speak English at this point in time and my family here tells me that they only speak German there. I am looking for someone near Bremen that could accompany me to Hintzendorf to interpret for me. Anyone interested would be paid an agreed upon amount ...
1    18    39    5.92    20/9/2007   


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first date
Sometimes we do not know what to expect on a first date especially people we have not are not sure if the date turns up or my advise to you is go for it with an open mind.but expect the best and if your date does not show up assume and move on don't hang on there.
1    94    28    5.09    28/9/2005   

curious2apoint, 50 F

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How do i contact a certain member if i am only a standard member myself?
There is a particular guy on here that i really really want to contact. I would like to just drop him a short note. Problem is i cant afford to get a membership and he is only standard too. He lives close to me which is why i want to make contact. This site is so frustrating cause i cant even view his profile. Anyone have any suggestions? curious2apoint
2    121    37    4.59    29/12/2004   

mcgub2, 43 M

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How to stop being overly shy
I am new to the dating scene, I have been divorced for 4 years after a 13 year marriage, I am only 33 years old but am very shy with beautiful women. Will someone please tell me how to overcome my shyness!!
2    145    39    3.64    2/11/2005   

sweetguy_abc_1, 30 M

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Love is connection of two hearts.Love is a feelings which we can find in the heart of many people.The girls and boys love is not only love.There are many kinds of love.Love given by mother to a son, father to a daughter.etc and we can find the love in animals.insects etc.Love is find in everyone.There is noone who is alive with a love.
1    80    4    3.63    26/6/2006   

heidi304, 56 F

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10 Things Your Guy Never Wants To Heare
There are certain things a man never wants to hear from his lady. "Let's go shopping" is one of them, as those words usually herald a whole afternoon wasted near the women's fitting rooms. "You're acting like your father" is another, much harsher statement. Even worse, "You're acting like my father"; that one just hurts. Below, however, are the most fearsome, most harrowing ...
11    198    41    2.45    7/2/2009   

Waiting, 45 F

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Humankind's Seven Deadly Sins
Truth, if it becomes a weapon against persons. Beauty, if it becomes vanity. Love, if it becomes possessive. Loyalty, if it becoms blind. Tolerance, if it becomes indifference. Self-confidence, if it becomes arrogance. Faith, if it becomes self-righteous.
2    99    4    2.08    20/9/2007   

whitenite1962, 51 M

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just one more chance
Almost one year ago , I meet someone here on this site that I really cared about But I suffered a heart attack right before xmas last year , which put me in the hospital . I had a hard time for awhile .Where Ankie is concerned I had to concentrate on getting better so I fell out of touch .My question is can I have a second chance please . Or will have happy ever after ? Bear in mind she ...
1    293    3    1.96    24/2/2007   

sibila, 31 F

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just for you
the stupid man who knows that he is stupid, is not stupid

when u go in the street, u'll mainly hear 2 words "me" and "money"

the life is not a train. it is the stone stopped on the hill of the mountain, when it rolls and moved, death comes.
3    15    5    1.84    21/9/2010   

cutie_uk, 36 F

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what about germans
someone told me most germans are poke face men, is that correct? I am curious to know that
4    93    89    0.72    5/4/2010